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Psychological Assessments

ISAND provides three different types of Psychological Assessments conducted by a licensed Psychologist, a Psychometrist in conjunction with a Psychologist, or a Psychologist under supervised practice.

Each assessment has these same four components:

  1. History – this meeting involves the clinician and the family (and may include the child)
  2. Assessment – the clinician will conduct a series of tests and observations with the child over at least two appointments
  3. Feedback – the clinician will meet with the family to talk about initial findings
  4. Report – the clinician will provide a written report outlining the assessment and observation results and will provide a diagnosis

The three assessments are:

  1. Under five years of age ASD Query
    • The assessment takes ten hours to complete
    • Cost: $2,400.00
  1. Over five years of age Psych-Educational Assessment
    • The assessment takes fourteen and one half hours to complete
    • Cost: $3,480.00
  1. Over five years of age ASD and Psycho-Educational Assessment
    • The assessment takes sixteen hours to complete
    • Cost: $3,840.00

If you have workplace benefit coverage, we suggest that you share this information with them before setting up an appointment.

Educational Consultation


  • 1 hour visit – information gathering with parent (NO client present)
  • Consultant completes the school visit (typically 1 hour)
  • 1 hour follow up visit with parents regarding recommendations
  • Additional follow up visits for placement, IEP support (typically 1 hour)

Physician Services


  • 90 minute visit with parent
  • 90 minute visit with parent and client
  • 90 minute feedback visit

FEE: Billed to OHIP (private rate of ~$250 hourly for international families)