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Zoono Services Providing Disinfection and Ongoing Active Protection to ISAND

In our ongoing efforts to protect clients and staff at ISAND, our space needs to be disinfected to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19. 

Stepping up to help is Neil Lathangue and David Riabov from Zoono Services ( approached ISAND offering to provide treatment and protection at our site for free. Zoono services is recognized as North America’s leader in environmental cleaning and infection control. Local clients include Centennial College, Sienna Seniors Living, St. Michael’s hospital, and University of Toronto.

The science:  Zoono treatment provides for 30 day protection – providing protection beyond the next touch. When applied to a surface, Zoono’s Microbe Shield product leaves behind a layer that bonds to the surface. These antimicrobial molecules create positively charged “pins” attracting the negatively charged bacteria and viruses, and then destroying them. The treatment is harmful to the pathogens, but not to humans!

The process: Areas are swabbed before treatment to determine the pathogen levels. After the area is fogged, it is swabbed again and levels are recorded. Throughout the 30 days, regular testing is completed to ensure that the pathogens haven’t returned.


Neil, David and Zoono Services

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