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Anthony’s Story

When a child is born, there are hopes and dreams for the future. Often times when a child has been diagnosed with a condition like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), families feel uncertainty, and maybe even despair about the future of their child.

ISAND is not just in the business of providing leading edge therapies to children with ASD, we are also in the business of providing HOPE to their families. Here’s a story that we heard from a parent of a teen with ASD

For years we’ve been concerned that Anthony will have nowhere to go and nothing meaningful to do when he finishes school. Through his involvement with ISAND, we see Anthony grow and flourish and we now realize that there are possibilities for him after highschool. ISAND has given us hope and direction for the future.

ISAND needs your help to continue to provide HOPE to families like Anthony’s. Your contribution today will ensure that we can continue to provide help and HOPE for families who desperately need it.

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