Our team of occupation therapists has expanded, and with that we are very pleased to announce a range of exciting new programs and services!

As you may or may not know, a child’s life is made up of “occupations,” or daily activities. These occupations include self-care, learning, play, and socialization. Occupational therapists (OT) work with children and their families to help them develop fine motor, gross motor, sensory processing, self-regulation, and feeding skills needed to participate, enjoy, and gain independence in their everyday lives. This includes challenges with activities like cutting nails, washing hands, brushing hair, and dressing.  Occupational therapists also support families by helping to educate and reduce barriers to every day challenges such as creating routines, choosing appropriate toys, and promoting healthy sleep habits.

As with all ISAND clinicians, our occupational therapists have a broad range of experience supporting individuals of all ages with various special needs and their families.  Read below to find out more about our newly added programs and services.

feeding clinic

Is your child a “picky” eater?  Do they eat only eat foods of a specific colour, shape, or texture? Do they experience oral motor difficulties that impact their food choices?

We are now offering evaluation, treatment, and consultation with our team of feeding specialists! Together, members of ISAND’s Feeding Clinic will create a customized approach to support each individual’s feeding needs and goals, including behavioural and psychological support when applicable.

ISAND’s Feeding Clinic typically includes:

  • A 90-minute evaluation with an occupational therapist and a dietitian;
  • An 8-session block of treatment (60 minutes weekly with OT); and
  • 3 follow-up consultations (30 minutes with dietitian).

Cost: $1400 total


sleep consultations

Is getting your child settled down and ready to sleep a challenge? Does your child have difficulty sleeping through the night?  We now offer in-home visits to support parents and caregivers through bedtime routines!

Our OT will work with parents to establish or simplify routines, choose tools and activities to support self-regulation, and provide recommendations about creating a calming environment to promote sleep for all.

Consultations take place on Thursday evenings and are 2 hours in length, plus travel fee*.

Cost:  $290 / visit

self regulation

Does your child experience difficulty labeling and regulating their emotions? Do they experience frequent tantrums or meltdowns over seemingly small events? Do they have difficulty paying attention, seem like they are always “on-the-go?” or have low energy levels?

Finding the “just right” level can be a challenge, but we have lots of ideas to help!

This group will offer a small, supportive environment where each client’s sensory needs and emotional regulation level is explored. Our clinicians will support participants and their families in developing an individualized toolkit to use at home, school, and in the community.

Candidates for this group are:

  • Ages 5-6; 7-9
  • Able to answer questions about “how” they feel and “when” things happen
  • Able to attend and learn in small-group activities with other children (determined by a screening visit)
  • Dates/times to be determined

Cost:  $1800 total

handwriting and printing

This 60 minute group is appropriate for children who want to improve their printing skills. Activities will be based on Handwriting Without Tears – an award-winning curriculum that offers multi-sensory strategies and materials to teach pencil grip, letter formation, and the literacy skills that are needed for print and cursive handwriting. Fine motor skill development activities will also be integrated by incorporating games and crafts.

Candidates for this group are:

  • Ages 4-5; 6-8
  • Beginning to show interest in drawing or writing
  • Learning to identify letters of their first name
  • Showing an early understanding of letter-sound correspondence
  • Able to attend and learn in small-group activities with other children (determined by a screening visit); 1 clinician/2 children
  • Available for scheduling on Mondays (daytime, after school) – dates/times to be determined

Cost: $954 total

occupational therapy

Individuals with autism may experience difficulty processing sensory input including texture, sounds, taste, movement, and visual information. Sensory processing and modulation differences can contribute to experiencing extreme reactions to sensory input, reduce participation in daily activities, and impact upon motor skill development. The sensory integration theory and intervention methods researched and developed by A. Jean Ayres, PhD, OTR/L, provide a neuroscience-based approach to addressing sensory integration concerns. Additional approaches emerging from Ayres’ theory are also used to support sensory functions.

This OT therapy package includes:

  • a 90-minute evaluation across a variety of domains;
  • an 8 session block of therapeutic intervention (60 minutes weekly)

Cost: $1285 Total

Those interested in learning more about either of these new ISAND programs are invited to contact us at info@isand.ca or by filling out this form.