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Dr. Wendy Roberts Bursary

Each year, ISAND clinicians provide therapeutic services and programs to more than five hundred young people with ASD and or other neurodevelopmental disorders. A significant number of those accessing our services require financial help to participate in our treatment programs. Historically, ISAND has been able to directly help these families through the Helping Hands Fund.

Besides providing direct assistance to families, we have discovered that there are also at least three indirect ways of doing so:

  • The first is the acquisition and maintenance of resources; therapy tools and equipment are needed on a daily basis.
  • Secondly, we have to provide specialized training for clinicians to ensure that therapy techniques are up to date, are evidence informed and will result in maximum benefit to clients. 
  • Thirdly, Developmental Paediatricians and Physicians are key members of our integrated team. Their input, and in some cases, oversight are necessary to complete the circle of care for clients. Unfortunately, much of what we ask these professionals to do is considered to be work outside the scope of OHIP billable services. To attract and retain Developmental Paediatricians and other Physicians we want to find ways to help pay for some of their non OHIP billable assessments, treatment time, and any required admin supports.

We are pleased to announce, that ISAND will address these priority areas through the creation of the Dr. Wendy Roberts Bursary – a fund that will help families both directly and indirectly. Named for our principal founder, long time Autism Therapist, Researcher and Advocate, Dr. Wendy Roberts, the bursary will continue to help clients and their families achieve successful outcomes at ISAND. Contributions to the Bursary will be eligible for CRA Charitable Donation receipts and will be recognized as agreed to by the donors.

Launched publicly on April 2, 2022 at a Tribute event for Dr. Roberts, the financial goal for this year has been established at $350,000.  As of April 2, more than $140,000 has been donated to date.

To contribute, follow the link HERE and find the Bursary page. ISAND will also accept donations through cheque delivered by mail or in person to 500-5734 Yonge St., Toronto M2M 4E7