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I just want to thank you again for tonight. It meant a lot to us both. We had such a good talk on the way home. I learned so much and am so grateful. I even got an unsolicited I love you from T when we got home. Which is rare, and cherished.

“Bryton has made such impressive progress,” says Cicilia. “The help we have received through ISAND has made an immense difference.” Winter 2019

“ISAND is the only place we know of that provides integrated care based on the client’s needs and builds upon their strengths,” says Dave. “We know that with more resources they can expand their services, programs and training to help even more families.” Winter 2019

“As we see Anthony grow and flourish, we realize there are now possibilities for him after high school,” says Tina. “ISAND has given us hope and direction for the future.” Summer 2018

“While I know that Aliza will always need help with working, the ISAND team has helped me see that Aliza can maximize her strengths and contribute to society, despite her limitations,” says Miriam. “My goal is that Aliza would have the best quality of life possible.” Spring 2018

“ISAND is an organization that needs and is worthy of your support. They make a difference every day. No matter the size of your business, you can still do something!” Spring 2018

“The integrated team has been involved in my son’s life for four years now and continues to help him progress in amazing ways. I cannot express how grateful our family is. Spring 2018

“My son had great difficulty in playing with other children or forming friendships,” says Sandra, mother of 6-year-old Samuel. “After going through the Social Peers Program, Samuel has begun to develop the social skills he needs to successfully interact with others.” Spring 2018

ISAND helped give my son a future — and hope to our family. The days, weeks and months that followed were the most heartbreaking, gut wrenching, emotionally draining, and tear-soaked times of our lives. We had been told that our amazing and beautiful baby boy was severely and profoundly autistic.Gail and I believe that ISAND changes the lives of our children for the better every single day. By supporting the amazing work they do, we can be a part of giving other children a future and hope to their families. Fall 2017

We are certain that putting Charlie in ISAND’s expert hands has completely changed the trajectory of his life. Fall 2017