*NEW* Helpful Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

PopSugar brings us a social distancing social story for the whole family.

The Toronto Public Library has a number of read-along books for beginner readers and beyond.

Good E-reader provides us with a list of 100 free Sesame Street e-books available on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Nook, Google Play, and Kobo.

Oxford Owl has an e-book library (free with sign-in) for ages 3 to 11 years old.

Growing Healthy Children Therapy Services gives us a number of free Sensory Motor Activity Books for families and professionals to enjoy.

International Children’s Digital Library provides visitors with a collection of books in many different languages, including Farsi, Korean and Spanish.

Sportball is posting free virtual classes to their Facebook page every Wednesday and Friday.

Internet Archive has a collection of over 20,000,000 free e-books (sign-in required) for users to enjoy.

Sonshine and Broccoli are streaming live Monday through Friday at 11:30 am for all budding rock stars!

Vooks is a read-along resource with a number of animated storybooks. There is a paid subscription with a free one-month trial.

Epic gives you access to over 40,000 digital books. There is a paid subscription with a free one-month trial.

ISAND’s Occupational Therapist, Alyssa Johnston, provides a list of self-regulation, fine and gross motor strategies and resources.

The Ontario Ministry of Education has created a Learn at Home portal, providing supplementary resources for elementary and secondary students to practice math and literacy skills and learn at home.

Online games are a great way for us to stay social while social distancing.

TDSB has provided a list of Learning resources for Early years to Secondary-aged children to accompany their existing Virtual Library.

The Khan Academy has provided adaptable schedule templates to help keep things structured during these uncertain times.

IXL Online provides Language Arts and Math practice by grade level.

Audible.com is now allowing visitors to stream popular storybooks for free!

Toronto Public Library has a list of 38 ways to use the library from home!

SightWords provides tools to improve automatic recognition, spelling and fluency, by grade level.

Journal Buddies provides a list of free creative writing prompts for kids.

BBC Bitesize gives us a fun way to learn touch typing.

Hand in Hand Parenting provides timely resources and practical tools to help in your house now.

The Child Mind Institute is bringing families live Facebook chats, phone consultations as well as videos and articles on a range of topics from managing anxiety to managing self-care.

Harvard University’s Center of the Developing Child gives us age-specific activities to help those from infancy to adolescence enhance and practice executive function skills.

CTV News has provided us with a list of Museums, Galleries and other attractions that are providing virtual tours and attractions for families to enjoy during social distancing.

TVO Kids has a number of videos, games, apps for kids to enjoy.

WhatMomsLove provides a list of energy-burning activities to keep your kids moving!

Scholastic Canada has put together a Learn at Home series for kids ages Preschool to Grade 9.

Common Sense Media provides clarity on how to understand COVID-19 news coverage, separate the facts from the fiction and how to keep you and your family calm.

Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador provides a list of tools and resources to help you keep busy from home.

Alicia Trautwein presents a parent’s guide on how to manage the daily routine during quarantine.

Amanda McGuinness at TheAutismEducator has created this helpful social story to ‘help alleviate fears and anxiety many children may be experiencing at this time’.

Finally, Autism Ontario provides a list of additional resources to help families through COVID-19.

Getting Ready for Your Appointment

We know that going to new places, and meeting new people, can cause worry and stress.  Read one of these stories ahead of your visit, at a time when your child is calm and attentive.  Together you will see photos of our offices, learn about some activities, and see other children having fun here.  The story can help you and your child get familiar with ISAND.  Read it a few times before you come, and talk about what might happen during the visit.  It helps to know more ahead of the appointment, and then the new things do not seem so scary!

If you haven’t contacted us already, start by sending us an Intake Form.
To find out more, visit our Team page to meet our staff members.

To learn about how social narratives can help your child make sense of new experiences, click here: https://autismcanada.org/living-with-autism/treatments/non-medical/communication/social-stories/.

To create your own social narratives, visit: https://www.autismspeaks.ca/science-services-resources/resources/templates-for-personalized-teaching-stories/.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

What is Autism?

16 Early Signs of Autism by 16 Months

Amazing Things Happen – by Alexander Amelines

What it feels like to be autistic – Temple Grandin

Autism — what we know (and what we don’t know yet) | Wendy Chung

The world needs all kinds of minds – Temple Grandin

Community Resources

Autism Ontario

Autism Ontario is a charitable organization with a 46-year history of representing the thousands of people on the autism spectrum and their families across Ontario. Made up of knowledgeable parents, professionals, and autistic self-advocates, Autism Ontario is the province’s leading source of information and referral on autism and one of the largest collective voices representing the autism community.
The Autism Ontario website contains a vast collection of autism-related resources, including basic information, advocacy tool-kits, deep dives into specific topics, expert-led webinars, and access to autism professionals across Ontario.


Pediatric Dentistry at Holland Bloorview

Pediatric dentistry at Holland Bloorview provides general dental services, including cleanings and fillings, to children and young adults (ages birth to 22 years) with disabilities and/or complex medical needs, including autism spectrum disorder and anxiety.
In some cases, clients may be eligible for treatment under general anesthesia.
Their services are also offered to siblings of clients.

For more information about Holland Bloorview’s dental services, including their Cleft Lip and Palate/ Craniofacial Dental Program, visit www.hollandbloorview.ca/dentalservices.


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