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Parent Education series: Managing Challenging Behaviours

Format: Virtual, combination of group and individual sessions
Session length: Six (6) 90 minute group sessions, AND three (3) 45 minute individual sessions
Program Length: Six weeks
Eligibility: Parents of children ten (10) years and younger displaying challenging behaviours including: non-compliance; tantrums; rigidity in routines; etc. This program is NOT intended to address severe or complex behaviour such as self-injury, serious aggression, property destruction, or rumination.
Screening Visit: Not Required
 Group sessions provided by two therapists and may include a Behaviour Consultant and a BCBA ;
 Six (6) week group sessions to be completed over six (6) consecutive weeks
 Three (3) individual 45 minute sessions to be scheduled throughout the six weeks
 Target goals to help parents develop: a repertoire of behaviour management tools; increased confidence when addressing common challenging behaviours; more positive interactions and a better understanding of their child’s behaviours

Thanks to a generous donation by the St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto, the price for this program has been reduced to $500.