Nastassia Gottesman
Nastassia Gottesman

Health Office Administration Accelerated Diploma – Seneca College

Affiliations: N/A

Other Pertinent training outside of your credential: N/A

Career Highlights:

Years of Experience (in general): 5 Years

Length of Time with ISAND: Less than one year

Position at ISAND: Clinical Front Desk

Any areas of Specialization:
I have experience in a wide range of health care clinics- I have worked in Rehabilitation, Endocrinology, and Fertility.

Professional Accomplishments ( at least one): Top Employee in past position

What brought you to ISAND:
The opportunity to learn and grow within a company that makes such a difference in the community.

What do you really like about ISAND: I love how hardworking, genuine, and insightful everyone who works here is.

A little bit about who you are outside of ISAND – hobbies and interests:
I’m a homebody, so if I’m not in bed watching Netflix I’m at the gym. I love to cook and eat as well.

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