ISAND is open for virtual business!  We are offering a variety of individual and group programs using internet technology for video telepractice (such as Zoom,  Our clinicians are able to provide quality care in a secure, private format, so that families can remain at home and keep up social distancing during this COVID-19 crisis.  Want to see some examples?  Check out our video samples of therapy activities on Youtube.  We even offer a FREE trial session to get the technology set up and demonstrate how the teleconferencing will work.

Below is a full list of our summer offerings and details on how to sign up!

Behaviour Intervention

  • Individual Services with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) or Behaviour Consultant focusing on skill building: communication skills, social skills, play skills, academic skills, etc. Services begin with an initial consultation phase, resulting in a customized behavioural plan, and a custom intervention model (different for each client).
  • Parent Coaching on topics such as: managing challenging behaviour, helping your child with daily routines and/or to follow a schedule at home, developing positive interactions with your child, how to engage your child in different play activities, how to toilet train your child, etc.
  • Positive Family Intervention – A parent education program (led by a behavior specialist) with group training, followed by individualized development of a child-specific behavioural plan – in 8 weekly appointments.

Early Intervention

  • Parent Coachingin group and individual formats, addressing a variety of topics such as: play skills, establishing routines, increasing flexibility, transitions to new activities

Educational Counseling

  • Our special educator, Candace Yanchyshyn, will continue to support families through the summer, and welcomes new clients to gain supports for back-to-school transition planning

Individual and Family Counseling

  • Our social worker, Barb Muskat, is available for individual or family support via virtual sessions on an ongoing basis

Occupational Therapy

  • Individual Services: focusing on parent coaching for home sensory and self-regulation ideas; fine motor skills via creative crafts; safety skills (such as mask wearing tolerance, hand-washing)
  • Body Breaks Group is a great option for anyone looking to get their children active through dance and yoga poses, and also incorporates some sensory and self-regulation components.
    • Body Breaks – Basic – simple songs and movements, some sensory and self-regulation activities, more suited to the needs and interest of younger clients (early elementary) or those with greater challenges
    • Body Breaks – Challenge – more complex movements, dance along activities, and greater focus on sensory and self-regulation activities; more suited to older individuals (ages 10+) and/or those with better control of movement skills
    • 2 classes each week (Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 30 mins) over a 6 week period
  • Youth Health and Fitness Program
    • Available for teens/young adults with fair-good cognitive ability/understanding 
    • Classes can include cardio and strengthening exercises, as well as a focus on healthy active living (general nutrition, sleep hygiene, occupational balance, self and sensory regulation) all whilst providing the opportunity for social interaction with similar peers 
    • 1 class weekly, 10:30-11:30am Wednesday mornings starting the week of July 6th for 6 weeks 

Speech-Language Pathology

  • Individual Services focusing on:
    • Early communication and interaction skills
    • Parent coaching to identify the ways in which your child communicates and find the most effective parent-child interactions; including communication skills, verbal and non-verbal (e.g., gestures, eye contact), social skills (e.g., imitation) and early play skills.
    • Language skills for better understanding and self-expression
    • Motor speech intervention to support clients with apraxia, dysarthria, ataxia
    • Augmentative communication intervention (parent coaching and direct intervention for multi-modal supports such as signs, PECS, picture symbols, and communication devices)
    • Social skills (including conversation skills) and Social Thinking supports
    • Sessions can be modified to suit the client’s needs (30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes; weekly or bi-weekly)

Social Peers Program – Telepractice Edition

  • ISAND’s clinicians have been developing a new model for Social Peers to create an effective e-learning social environment.  We now offer more structured sessions around key topics and themes; clinician-led activities; and parent participation to keep clients engaged.
  • Small groups of 2-3 clients will meet weekly or bi-weekly (2 times) for engaging activities with a trained clinician.  Sessions can be modified to suit the clients’ needs (30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes).
  • Telepractice peers sessions will focus on social communication skills, such as asking and answering questions, making comments, sharing (just enough) information, monitoring the peer’s engagement, showing and sharing ideas/materials. 
  • New clients will be screened and have a trial session to ensure that telepractice is an appropriate way to target these skills; additional trials and/or individual social skills practice could be recommended for those needing extra support
  • Existing clients (or previous social peers participants) will also be given the opportunity to have a trial session for the first appointment; clinicians will evaluate the client pairing suitability, motivation to participate in telepractice activities, and ability to benefit from this learning style
  • Social peers sessions with be scheduled from June 22 – Sept 4th (followed by feedback and reports the week of September 7th)
  • Themes for Summer Social Peers:
    • Animal Adventures:
      • Early Years: find great activities for kids who love Dora, Diego, Dino Dana, Wild Kratts!
      • School Age: explore habitats, learn from books and videos, and share activity ideas
    • Songs and Stories:
      • Early Years: sing action songs and hear repeating stories for building language, sharing ideas, and imitation skills
      • School Age: learn campfire songs; repeating songs; and collaborate to bring classic tales to life
    • Critter Club: for those who love the Blues Clues, Masha bear, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, activities with peers to ask/answer and think about these favourite characters
    • Travel Club: enjoy virtual tours to your favourite places, and join your peers in pretend play activities so you can see the zoo, the beach, a campsite, a picnic, and more!
    • Creative Crafting Club:
      • Preschool Creative Play: try at-home sensory exploration activities and develop looking and listening skills
      • School-Age Arts: learn to make, draw, craft and doodle while exploring new techniques to enhance fine motor and imitation skills
    • Cars, Trucks and Trains on the Go!
      • Early Years: listen and learn with peers who love their vehicles during games, stories, and activities
      • School Age: play games, share information; imagine new vehicles; explore
    • Master Builders: for interactive activities related to Minecraft; Lego; Magformers; and homemade creations – comment, brainstorm, explore, and try new ways to do things
    • Trading Card Club:for lovers of Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon; history, trivia, games, strategy and appreciation; share knowledge and try something new too
    • Youth Group:music appreciation and sharing/learning information about classics, new hits, and new artists; showcase your own talents if you dare, and learn about the back story of great performances

Ready to sign up?

If you are an existing client, please contact to schedule an individual appointment.  If you are a new client, start by completing an intake form available from our website.

We hope to see you soon! 

Maija Gulens, MS, CCC-SLP
ISAND l Clinical Director

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