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hope - story 1 - Hanna

Hanna’s Story

After a therapy session involving an ISAND speech and language pathologist, a young woman with autism and her mother, the therapist received the following e-mail later that night:

I just want to thank you again for tonight. It meant a lot to us both. We had such a good talk on the way home. I learned so much and am so grateful. I even got an unsolicited “I love you” from Hanna* when we got home. Which is rare, and cherished. Thank you!

This is just one of the many stories we hear from our clients. Last year alone we helped more than five hundred individuals and their families. With your assistance, we can reach even more. Click here to donate today.

hope - eblast 2

Jacob’s Story

Do you remember making your first friend? Jacob* a young man who has been involved with ISAND for the past two years sure does. Jacob always had difficulty making friends and following social cues. On more than one occasion his outbursts led to class evacuations in school.

Working regularly with one of our behaviour therapists, Jacob has learned to regulate his emotions and to be aware of social cues. To demonstrate his progress, this is how Jacob talked about his experience at summer day camp.

I love it. I have finally figured out how to be silly and out-of-control, but how to keep it in control so that other people want to play with me. Like, I am having fun but not taking it too far. The other kids all like me!

Jacob’s journey has been like many others at ISAND. There have been tremendous growth periods and times when things level off. All through the journey, there is one constant: hope. Hope that Jacob will continue to thrive, and grow. Click here to donate today.

hope - story 3 - Giving Tuesday

A Story of Hope on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving that happens today. Here in Canada, it’s a day when Canadians, charities and businesses come together to celebrate giving, and the work that is being done by charities and non-profits from coast to coast to coast.

Today ISAND celebrates Hope. Hope for all of the young people and their families that we work with day in and day out. Hope for those waiting for service as we continue our plans to expand, and hope to everyone living with autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders through involvement with our Scientific Research Council.

At ISAND we look at Giving Tuesday as only the start of the giving year. Whether you donate today or any other time throughout the year, your gift will truly make a difference.

One parent recently sent a note to an ISAND Therapist that included the following quote:

It was really nice to see her apply the skills you’ve been targeting at school and ISAND 🙂 We were very impressed with her progress…

Our request today is simple. Please give to help us maintain and expand our programs and services so hundreds of young people and their families can experience the same joy of watching their child progress. Click here to donate today.

hope - story 4 - daniel

Daniel’s Story

Daniel’s* family of five immigrated to Canada from Malaysia in 2017. He has Down Syndrome, ASD and had poor emotional control and was using very few words.
After five months of therapy with the ISAND clinical team, Daniel now uses phrases to make requests, interact with others, and make comments. He is able to understand, follow directions and no longer throws tantrums to get his points across.
Daniel’s family came to us with questions, fears and anxieties. Working alongside our team of clinicians the family has gained skills to work with their son and gained hope for the future.
With your help, we can continue to bring hope to hundreds of families like Daniel’s across the GTA. Click here to donate today.