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Hope Campaign 2021

We would like to acknowledge and thank these generous donors who, together, contributed more than $38,000 to our 2021 year-end campaign – bringing HOPE to ISAND Families.

Adam Bellissimo

Ana Casitllo

Barry Richler

Christine Fischer Guy

Dean Jin

Jason Arbuck

Judy Knight

Lori-Anne Clements

Marion Butella

Nancy Donald

Olesya Zaremba

Saul Muskat

Steve McDonald

Tina Capobianco

Alicia and David Richler

Andrew Guy

Bob Butella

Christine Greening

Elizabeth Bibero Gomez

JD Factors

Larry Sciberras

MacDonald Sager Manis LLP

Marion Greenberg

Nathalie da Silva

Rick Pittman

Silver Apple Foundation

Susmita Dutta

Umberto Martini

Amhlaoibh Lynch

Barbara Arbuck


David Knight

Jackie Ventresca

Jeannie Clark Family Fund

Linda Graif

Maria Christina Duran

Myra Sourkes

Novajet Aviation Group

Rita Dann

Steve Carr

Teresa Lee

Umma Habiba

Dear friend,
Before Jackson was even two years old, his day care called him “Action Jackson” because he was always on the move. But after he turned two, the concern and the phone calls and the meetings because of troubling behaviour became more frequent.
This description was provided by a single family. Their experience, however, is not unique. More than 500 children each year come to ISAND for help, many have a similar story to Jackson’s.

ISAND is not just in the business of providing leading edge therapies to children with ASD, we are also in the business of providing HOPE to their families. ISAND needs your help to continue to provide HOPE to families like Jackson’s. Your contribution today will ensure that we can continue to provide help and HOPE for families who desperately need it.

Please donate today. Donations received prior to December 31, 2021 will result in a 2021 tax receipt for the donor.


Bob Butella
Executive Director


Charitable Registration Number: 841417538RR0001

Dear friend,

At ISAND, we recognized those challenges faced by families, children and young adults living with ASD and neurodevelopmental disorders.  That’s why we created ISAND’s integrated team of physicians, psychologists, clinicians, and therapists to work together with families to achieve the best possible outcomes.

One family described how ISAND has helped,

ISAND’s impact doesn’t stop at providing integrated and highly successful therapy to people with ASD, ISAND also provides HOPE to families for a brighter future as their loved one gains new skills and develops their abilities.

You can provide help and hope for families and children living with ASD with your gift today, please give now to help provide the integrated therapies that help them achieve their best outcomes!

We rely on the generosity of donors to help support the programs and services that ISAND provides. All donations received before December 31, 2021 are eligible for a 2021 Tax Receipt.


With appreciation,

Tina Capobianco
Chair, Board of Directors

Charitable Registration Number: 841417538RR0001

Dear ISAND friend,

2021 continued to be a year full of anxiety, stress, and despair for many as we faced lockdowns, isolation, and uncertainty.
 Your past support meant that ISAND was able to provide certainty and HOPE to families through services and treatment for children with ASD and their families even during the pandemic, but the need to find HOPE remains extremely high for so many.

The ISAND team provides medical care; language, social communication, occupational and behavioural therapies; social work; as well as mental health and wellness supports

Last year alone we helped more than 500 children and their families. With your gift, we can continue to provide HOPE to families like Mitchell’s in their time of need

Please give as generously as you can today.
With gratitude,



Tina Capobianco
Chair, Board of Directors

p.s. All donations received before December 31, 2021 are eligible for a 2021 Tax Receipt.

Charitable Registration Number: 841417538RR0001

Make this Giving Tuesday count with your gift to support children and young adults with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

#Giving Tuesday, is an important opportunity to show the people who need our services that there is a community who cares for them.

Every year, ISAND is here to provide the critical services for children and young adults with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, but it’s only with your help that we can ensure that this can continue for everyone we serve.

This #Giving Tuesday, show your support for the best possible outcomes for young people with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders and join us with your donation today!
Give as generously as you can by clicking the donate button below, every gift is appreciated!