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A number of local experts in the field of autism, commonly referred to as “The Dream Team” by the community were working together on a project when the idea of ISAND came about.

Led by Dr. Wendy Roberts, Barb Muskat, Candace Yanchyshyn, Dr. Cynthia Goldfarb, Dr. Peggy Kirkpatrick and Shelley Mitchell met around the dining room table at Barb’s home and talked about the need to “do things in a better way” for children with autism and their families. They dreamed of a place where people from different disciplines would work together, sharing their knowledge and skills. A place where families could go to hear one message and receive integrated services without having to go to a number of clinicians in and around the city, having to tell their story numerous times and getting sometimes contradictory information.

Out of this need, this pioneering group opened the doors in 2013. Today, ISAND has a clinical team representing seven disciplines providing therapy and treatment to more than five hundred (500) clients aged 2 – 25 years every year.

Our past is inspirational. Our future is unlimited.