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Donors 2019/2020

ISAND would like to sincerely thank the following Individuals & Families, Corporations, and Community Groups &Foundations. Collectively they donated more than $100,000 (includes donations to 2019 Hope Campaign) in 2019/2020

Individuals and Families

J. Arbuck
A. Bellissimo
B. Butella
V. Caffazzo
S. Carr
L. Clements
Z. Cvijanovic
R. Dann
C. Fischer
R. Gangbar
M. Greenberg
S. Haddad
M. Jungreis
R. Klemetti
L. Leake
S. Lerchs
K. Lim
A. Lynch
E. Mangina
U. Martini
L. Miltchin
S. Muskat
S. Nixon
B. Preide
E. Rzadki
C. Shekfrake
M. Sourkes
P. Stabins
G. Turner
C. Waugh
D. & R. Way
M. & K. Way
D. Weiss
W. Roberts
L. Rose
P. Young
P. Zita

Community Groups & Foundations

  • The Benevity Community Impact Fund
  • Brighter Together
  • Goodlife KidsFoundation
  • KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation
  • William Rosenberg Family Foundation
  • Silver Apple Foundation
  • Steele Foundation
  • TD Securities Hope Campaign
  • Unity for Autism


  • Cynergy Mechanical
  • iCapital
  • Macdonald Sager Manis LLPE
  • Rosen Sunshine LLP