June 15, 2020 — ISAND Re-Opening Expectations for Clients

We’re happy to have you back and to see you in person. ISAND is using a phased in approach and has instituted a number of measures when re-opening to ensure the safety and well- being of everyone.

ISAND will only offer face-to-face assessment and treatment when it has been determined to be clinically necessary, and when all parties agree to follow established requirements for face to face service. At this time in-person group options are not available.

Please read the following expectations and measures. If you are uncomfortable following any of these directions, please DO NOT agree to a face to face appointment. These measures will change periodically based on information ISAND receives from Public Health.

1. Billing

a. Credit card information will be kept on file.
b. Sessions will be automatically charged to the credit card after each appointment and a receipt sent within seven (7) days unless other arrangements have been made.
c. Billing arrangements will be confirmed at time of booking appointment.

2. Pre-Screening

a. A screening form will be available on the ISAND website. Everyone who will be coming into the ISAND offices and waiting room is required to go through these screening questions at home two (2) days’ prior to their appointment.
b. If the answer to any of the questions is YES, you must contact ISAND as soon as possible through intake@isand.ca to re-schedule the appointment.
c. Any person screening positive through this process should contact their primary health provider or go to a screening centre.

3. Screening

a. Upon arrival at the ISAND suite, clipboards with screening forms will be available for completion by every person entering the ISAND area.
b. Upon arrival by a clinician to your home, the screening form will be completed before the clinician will enter your premises.
c. If the answer to any question on the form is YES, the appointment will be cancelled by the clinician and will be re-scheduled.
d. Any person screening positive through this process should contact their primary health provider or go to a screening centre.

4. Social (Physical) Distancing

a. The number of people allowed in the ISAND office space will be limited to allow for personal distancing.
b. The number of people allowed in any treatment room will be restricted to a maximum of four (4) at any one time.
c. Whenever possible, those accompanying the client should consider waiting outside of the ISAND area (e.g. in vehicle).
d. Assessment/Treatment will be conducted using personal distancing measures when possible. If personal distancing is not possible, PPE will be used.

5. Personal Protective Equipment

a. Hand sanitizing stations will be located at the entrance to ISAND and in each treatment room. Sanitizer to be used upon arrival and after sneezing, coughing, blowing nose or touching of face.
b. Clinicians will wear masks while providing service. Face shields and/or gloves may also be required. Clients will be informed of this prior to the start of a session.
c. Anyone entering 5734 Yonge Street is required to mask in all public areas. For a tutorial on how to properly use your mask, click here.
d. Clients who are over the age of two (2) years and who can tolerate a mask must wear a mask during in-person session unless there is a clinical reason to remove it.

6. Cleaning/Disinfecting

a. ISAND will clean and disinfect the office space as recommended by professional cleaners.
b. All equipment and toys will be cleaned and disinfected after each use for both in-centre and in-home services.
c. For in-home services, a handwashing area must be made available for the clinician.
d. High use areas like doorknobs will be cleaned/disinfected after each appointment.
e. Waiting room chairs to be wiped after each appointment.
f. COMMON AREAS at 5734 Yonge Street: washrooms, elevators, hallways and entranceways are public spaces and not managed by ISAND. These areas will be cleaned/disinfected two times per day – before 8:00 a.m. and between noon and 4:00 by the building cleaners.

7. Arrival

a. The door to Suite 500 will be locked.
b. If the door to the ISAND Office is locked, clients are to call the clinician at 416-224-5959 using the extension provided to them at time of booking appointment.
c. Please do not arrive more than ten (10) minutes before your appointment.
d. ISAND Team member will unlock the main door so client may enter
e. All those arriving will sanitize their hands and complete a screening questionnaire.
f. The clinician will review the results of the screening form with the client and their family.
g. If the answer to any question on the Form is YES, the appointment will be cancelled and another appointment will be scheduled through intake@isand.ca.
h. Physical Distancing must be practiced in the waiting room for persons not living together (attempts will be made to schedule appointments so not more than one person (family) is present in the waiting room at any one time).
i. Clients will be required to leave ISAND immediately after the end of the session. Billing/receipt processes are altered to allow for quick departure (see above).

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