Tiffany Fung
Tiffany Fung

Bachelor’s of Arts in Speech Sciences from the University of British Columbia (B.A.)
Masters of Education in Special Education with a concentration in Autism and Developmental Disabilities from the University of British Columbia (M.Ed.)
Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Affiliations – (e.g. member of College of Social workers):
Behavior Analyst Certification Board

Other Pertinent training outside of your credential:

Early Start Denver Model Trained
Picture Exchange Communication System Trained

Career Highlights:
Prior to joining ISAND, I worked in private practice and agencies in Vancouver, BC supporting individuals diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities between the age of 3-14 in the home, school and community settings as a Behaviour Interventionist, Speech Language Pathologist’s assistant, and as a Behaviour Consultant. During this time, I gained experience designing treatment plans and providing training to parents, therapists, and respite staff directly caring for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Years of Experience (in general): I have been working within the field of autism and developmental disabilities for 6 years.

Length of Time with ISAND: I have been with ISAND for 6 months.

Position at ISAND: Behaviour Consultant working in Behaviour Therapy and Early Intervention In-home.

Any areas of Specialization:

Professional Accomplishments ( at least one):
Within my practice, I strive to empower parents and build trusting and collaborative partnerships with them in order to create lasting change. My best accomplishments include supporting parents to implement strategies that are effective within each family’s unique system.

What brought you to ISAND:
I was attracted to ISAND’s dedication in providing evidence based services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families within a multi-disciplinary approach. The ISAND team of clinicians truly place families’ needs first.

What do you really like about ISAND:
The positive and collaborative environment at ISAND supports clinicians in providing quality services to our families. I am continuously learning from the other clinicians at ISAND.

A little bit about who you are outside of ISAND – hobbies and interests:
When I am not at ISAND, I enjoy traveling to new places and trying different foods. As a more recent hobby, I have been very interested in pottery throwing and have been taking weekly classes!

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