Jessica Loo Yong Kee
Jessica Loo-Yong-Kee

Honours Bachelor of Science (H.B.Sc.) – McMaster University
Masters of Health Sciences (M.H.Sc.) – University of Toronto

Registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists Ontario (CASLPO)

Other Pertinent training outside of your credential:
Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) Trained
PROMPTS for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT) Trained

Career Highlights:
Not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but I’m especially proud of two of my experiences since becoming an SLP: (a) supporting a 6-year-old boy using PROMPT to verbally communicate, when various clinicians had told mom he never would (and now he’s using various 2-3 word phrases!), (b) supporting a child who is blind and has ASD to communicate using a tactile communication board

Years of Experience (in general): 2 years

Length of Time with ISAND: 2 years

Position at ISAND: Speech Language Pathologist

Any areas of Specialization: N/A

Professional Accomplishments (at least one):
Similar to above (“career highlights”)

What brought you to ISAND:
Combination or the population/service model and the team itself
It is incredible to be able to support children with ASD and their families on a range of language, speech, play, and social skills; to create goals together, support them through those goals, and see the “real-life” impact your work can have
The integrated team: as a volunteer prior to working at ISAND, I was drawn to the interprofessional approach to care and was excited to learn from different professions. And now as an SLP, I am always thankful to have access to experts in various fields, who can help problem solve any variety of situations

What do you really like about ISAND:
The integrated approach. I think it serves the families well (having many of the professions they’d want to access all under one roof and in communication) but also serves as exciting learning for myself as a clinician.

A little bit about who you are outside of ISAND – hobbies and interests:
Trying new foods
Making puzzles
Going to the gym

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