Ahuva Magder

BASc (Bachelors of Applies Science) from Ryerson
MAN – Masters of Applied Nutrition from university of Guelph
RD – Registered Dietitian

Members of the College of Dietitians of Ontario
Member of the Dietitians of Canada

Other Pertinent training outside of your credential:

Career Highlights:
Developing department wide protocols for the department of Allergy and Immunology at the Hospital for Sick Children
Presenting at Grand Rounds at the Hospital for Sick Children
Becoming a published author in a medical journal
Speaking on Global News

Years of Experience (in general)
5 years of clinical experience
1 year clinical experience during masters degree

Length of Time with ISAND: One year

Position at ISAND: Registered Dietitian

Any areas of Specialization:
Reducing mealtime stress
Addressing picky eating and restricted diets
Addressing concerns around food allergy

Professional Accomplishments ( at least one):
Being featured on Global News and in Today’s Parent magazine.
Presenting at Grand Rounds at the Hospital for Sick Children
Becoming a published author in an allergy focused research journal

What brought you to ISAND:
Working with families experiencing the stress of difficult mealtimes and restricted eating made clear the incredible impact that it can have on general family life. I felt called to support families in improving their mealtimes and reduce the stress around restricted eating.

What do you really like about ISAND:
The opportunity for collaboration with other amazing practitioners and the opportunity for care that provides for families.
As people its difficult to impossible to completely separate every issue into silos and at ISAND the opportunity for collaboration between professionals provides the opportunity to address all facets of specific issues

A little bit about who you are outside of ISAND – hobbies and interests
Ahuva enjoys spending time in the kitchen developing new and exciting recipes.
Ahuva is an avid runner and when she is not working spends lots of time running after her toddler twins

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